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On the defense of Snow Badua

Snow Badua: Sports Commentary Hero or Villain?
Author's note (August 2016): Hi there! Thank you for dropping by. I was quite intrigued by the mileage this has been getting lately, so if you're interested I wrote something related to it: Happy reading!

I watch TeleDyaryo Sports whenever I hit the gym (my cable provider at home has spared me from the government-ran NBN channel, but has robbed me of this interactive sports talkshow). I listen to what Snow Badua says on air. I try to sort out which of the things he says are true, and which aren't. I follow him on Twitter and I'm not ashamed to say it.

People quickly dismiss him as the "Ogie Diaz" or whatever non-flattering showbiz gossip mongrel comes to mind. So he talks in Engalog/ Taglish with a Pinoy hip-hop wannabe twang. It's not like he's spewing BS like he's rich and wears bling bling (from what I know of anyway). They say that most of the things that he says are incorrect. That most of it are baseless, and that he has absolutely no credibility.

Let's see now.

The last rumor, prior to the Kerby to Ginebra for JC Intal et. al. to BMeg one that has drawn both raves and flak, was about a multi-titled, long-tenured sports figure leaving his team/ company after a very long time. People made their unintelligent guesses, most of them incorrect, until finally on that same day just hours after Badua's report/ Tweet-- Jong Uichico jumped ship from San Miguel to Team MVP.

That clearly shows that the man has his insiders, so I don't know why you'd dismiss his credibility point blank when you're fed with useless, showbiz trivia and fodder by Quinito Henson and all the inside jokes shared by Mico Halili, Richard del Rosario and Jason Webb-- which you'll just laugh to, but don't really understand/ appreciate (the new age, sports commentary version of the famed TVJ, not that there's anything wrong with it. RDR has become quite tolerable lately even).

Also, if his words shouldn't be taken with any grain of salt, then why oh why, does he have basketball players' lines on speed dial? The man gets game worn jerseys from Sol Mercado, John Wilson and even reigning MVP Jimmy Alapag and gives them away on national TV Willie Revillame style. I don't see anything wrong with that set-up, he's just doing his thing, doing his job, so all the best to him.

Lastly, if you're going to argue that all his "blind items" are annoying-- then you're being a hypocrite. Visit Ms Patricia Hizon's blog and you'll see a lot of blind item worthy entries (done of course with a little more feminine flair).

Badua's no different. Yes, the self-promotion gets tiring/sickening at times but the man has to make do with what he has. He's not with InterAKTV or any TV outfit that's directly connected with the PBA, so he does his thing on other avenues (radio for PBA games, then Teledyaryo Sports on NBN). Is it because he speaks in Filipino and doesn't come from a high-end school or rubs elbows with TV personalities? Come on now, we're all better fans than that.

So here's to Badua and his site, and that more people come out of the woodwork to help the Philippine Basketball Association grow.


  1. You should interview him. seriously.

    1. seriously, a lot of people watch his show ask for trade updates then crucify and name they guy fraud when trade talks bog down.he is a legit source of anything sports and he got his inside sources.the guy is working his a** off for his show and you wonder what his show will be if aktv decided to take his show on their wings..

  2. gr8 post!! kudos to SnowBadua..!!

    Behind every successful man there lies a pack of haters!

  3. I've been an intern in Teledyaryo Sports this summer. I've seen how hard working sir Snow is. A great boss too! His news come from credible sources. Teledyaryo Sports avid viewers know that. Nice article btw. :)

  4. and in a short note.. you are gay!!

  5. Baguhin nya style nya ginagawa nya kcng showbiz ang sports mukha tuloy syang tsismoso


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