Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shooting Stars

Puta, kalma.
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Contrary to popular belief, the Star Hotshots are not in trouble; transition yes, trouble no.

Despite the 0-2 record under new coach Chito Victolero, this isn't the same as least season's debacle under Jason Webb. This isn't an ominous sign of things to come, at least that's what we would like to believe anyway. No, this team, save for a few Grand Slam leftovers, is a team that is trying to build on and off court chemistry as well as an overall identity.

So who are the Hotshots, exactly?

Well, they were the PBA's token glamour boys. Pretty boys who could back it up on the court. They weren't known for their offense or defense, they were simply known as a solid bunch and a classy organization over all. Like San Miguel's own yellow (then blue) version of Alaska.

When Tim Cone took over, he built a new culture. When he left, everything fell apart. Some guys wanted to change the blueprint, others were not sold on the idea. In comes Victolero, who is no Webb but is definitely no Cone either, plus a new star in Paul Lee. Of course there is going to be a rough period.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Who you gonna call?

(Photo credit: Paul Ryan Tan)
Don’t call it a comeback.

Veteran star Gary David is reportedly all set to sign a nine-month contract with the Mahindra Floodbusters after being left without a team on PBA opening day.

From a personal standpoint, we are thrilled that David is able to land another job which will allow him to secure the future of his family (if he hasn’t already). At day’s end, these free agents are providers whose sole source of income is the sport that they have come to know and love since their youths. No matter how we ridicule certain players about the way they play or look, we still respect them overall and show them love.

From a basketball blogger/ analyst’s standpoint, well, don’t expect too much out of the man dubbed “El Granada.”